Downloads Legal Formats

You can download the following types of deed. They are available to you for free if you have any further requirements please feel free to contact us and before using these formats ensure that you do take consent from your legal advisor will not be responsible for use of these formats. These are formats mostly used in India.

»Agreement to Sell

»Agreement to Sell of Freehold Property»Agreement to Sell of Leasehold Property»Agreement to Sell of House»Agreement to Sell of Apartment»Agreement to Sell of Mortgaged House»Conveyance Deed»Simple Will»Simple Will Giving all Property to Wife»General Power of Attorney - Blood Relation»General Power of Attorney with Consideration»Lease Deed with security»Gift Deed»Indemnity Deed»Indemnity Deed - Transfer»Adoption Deed»Partition Deed»Exchange Deed»Declaration»Family Settlement Deed»Sale Deed - Agricultural Property»Re conveyance Deed»Relinquishment Deed with Consideration»Relinquishment Deed without Consideration»Mortgage Deed

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